Monday, October 10, 2016

Book Spotlight: Redemption by: Kate Flora

Title: Redemption
Author: Kate Flora
Publisher: Five Star
Series: Joe Burgess #3
Pages: 366
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Burgess's hopes for a calm Columbus Day picnic slam up against reality when two boys spot a dead body in the water.

It's Reggie the Can Man-a damaged, alcoholic veteran who Burgess has tried to patch back together since they returned from Vietnam. Now, Reggie's fight for redemption is over.

Then the ME questions Reggie's accidental drowning, giving Burgess one last chance.

As Burgess dives deep, he uncovers Reggie's ex-wife, his scofflaw son, industrial toxins, corrupt businessmen, and that Reggie isn't the only one in need of redemption. 

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