Monday, March 28, 2016

Editorial: Monday Madness

With Easter over with and all my sick kids now better and back to school I've decided to work on updating things on the blog and with that changing some books I will and won't review.

Won't review: which is always hard as I know there are great authors out there but for the couple of bad seeds I've been fed lately I have had to make some changes.  This won't affect authors or publishers I work with now but it would for new authors and publishers.  I won't be accepting:

Indie Books
Self Published
Terrorist Themed Books
Books with crimes against children
suicide themed books
Non-fiction books

Now if I have worked with you before not to worry I am still going to work with you this manly impacts new authors.  I have had some people really harp on my to promote their books to the point I had to implement these changes.  Either they have me change my words in a review or they want to call me to promote their material, if it can't be conveyed in a email or messaging through sites then what makes you think talking to me on the phone is going to change it?

That's all I can really say about the subject.

I will review the following:

Indies from authors I have previously worked with
cozy mysteries
historical fiction
the rest of the list is under contact us section of the blog.

We at Community Bookstop still thrive to offer free advertising, promotion of all sorts.  If any of that appeals to you by all means contact us we love working with our beloved authors, publishers, we hope this will help those looking to promote their stories.

Other than the minor changes which I hate to make these decisions one bad apple can really tip the cart.  As many know I'm tired alot and to have to make these changes I thought I could let time pass and not have to address it but after recent situations I had to make a stance on this issue.  There has to be a give and take and a line drawn in the sand and unfortunately right now this is my line in the sand that may change at some point but for now I need to work through the piles of books I haven't gotten to plus the ones for tours, and through NetGalley and Edelweiss so when I am caught up maybe then I will change this policy who knows.

Now back to your regularly scheduled review :)

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