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Interview with Miriam Auerback Author of Boca Undercover

Today we have the pleasure of having Miriam Auerbach sit down with Paula and answer so interview question.  She has a new book out Boca undercover!  Thank you for visiting Community Bookstop!

BOCA UNDERCOVER will be on sale on Kindle for $2.99, and two previous books in the series will be on sale for $1.99, May 18-31

What genre do you write?
I write humorous mysteries featuring a Harley-riding, butt-kicking, wise-cracking female private eye, set in Boca Raton, Florida, a beautiful town with a seamy underbelly.
Can you tell us what brought you to writing mystery?
Like most writers, I started as a fan.  A love of detective fiction goes back in my family at least three generations.  My mother introduced me to classics like Agatha Christie and Rex Stout.  Later, as a young adult, I discovered the work of Sue Grafton.  The first book of hers I read, somewhere in the middle of her “alphabet” series, was about a fraudulent chiropractor.  At that time, my first husband was studying to be a chiropractor, and I felt offended on his behalf, so I hated the book. A couple years later I divorced that husband, and suddenly that book became a lot more appealing.  Over the years I read all of Ms. Grafton’s books and discovered similar authors.  I’d always had some writing talent, so one day I decided to give murder a shot (pun intended!)
Who influences your writing?
In addition to the aforementioned Sue Grafton, I’m flattered to say that my style has often been compared to that of Janet Evanovich.
What type of books do you like to read?
The same kind I write – mysteries featuring strong, funny women!
What do you do when you’re not writing?
My pastimes are just a tad different from those of my protagonist.  She rides a motorcycle; I ride a bicycle – the kind with fat tires and one speed.  She practices martial arts; I practice ballet barre.  She has a pet alligator; I have two fluffy pooches who’ll lick you to death rather than bite your head off.  
If you were stranded on an island and could bring three things what would you bring?

Desalination tablets, a flare gun, and a fishing pole. (My fiction is over-the-top, but my life is down-to-earth!)
Thank you to Miram for stopping by and sharing herself with our viewers!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Review: The Tell-Tail Heart by: Monica Shaughnessy

Title: The Tell-Tail Heart
Author: Monica Shaughnessy
Publisher: Jumping Jackolope Press
Series: Cattarina Mysteries #1
Pages: 178
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


The untold story behind Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart." 

Philadelphia, 1842: Poe's cat, Cattarina, becomes embroiled in a killer's affairs when she finds a clue to the crime - a glass eye. But it's only when her beloved "Eddy" takes an interest that she decides to hunt down the madman. Her dangerous expedition takes her from creepy Eastern State Penitentiary to Rittenhouse Square where she runs into a gang of feral cats intent on stopping her. 

As the mystery pulls Cattarina deeper into trouble, even Eddy becomes the target of suspicion. Yet she cannot give up the chase. Both her reputation as a huntress and her friend's happiness are at stake. For if she succeeds in catching the Glass Eye Killer, the missing pieces of Eddy's unfinished story will fall into place, and the Poe household will once again experience peace. 

Full of Victorian witticisms and rich detail, this cozy mystery is a fictional account of Edgar Allan Poe's real-life animal companion. Fans of historical and animal mysteries are sure to like this series.

My Thoughts:

I received this book as part of a book tour it takes place in 1842 and is told from Cattarina's point of view.  Someone is out on a killing spree and Cattarina finds a clue to the crime.  When Eddy becomes interested in these crimes, Cattarina takes an interest in solving the murder.  This book was full of action and really makes one appreciate what Eddie and his beloved cat Cattarina.

I could tell reading this book that the author put a lot of work into researching Mr. Poe.  Big fans of his will love this story and reading more in the series.  I also think those who like period pieces will also enjoy this book.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: The Body in The Birches by: Katherine Hall Page

Title: The Body in The Birches
Author: Katherine Hall Page
Publisher: William Morrow
Series: Faith Fairchild Mystery #22
Pages: 240
Format: e-book ARC
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour & NetGalley


At home on Sanpere Island, Maine, caterer and amateur sleuth Faith Fairchild discovers that real estate can be murder, especially when it's all in the family, in this twenty-third book in the popular mystery series.

The Fourth of July is one of the hottest on record and even the breeze off Penobscot Bay can't seem to cool things down for Faith Fairchild and the rest of the folks on Sanpere Island. But the fireworks are just beginning. After the celebrations are over, Faith discovers a body in the woods near The Birches, an early twentieth-century "cottage."

The body is identified as The Birches' housekeeper, who seems to have succumbed to a heart attack. The death is only one of the dramatic events upending the historic house. A family gathering has been called to decide who will inherit the much loved, and very valuable, estate that has been in the Proctor family for generations. With this much money involved, it's just a matter of time before trouble arises.

Faith is juggling her own family problems. Her teenage son, Ben, has started a new job as a dishwasher at The Laughing Gull Lodge--learning things that could land him in very hot water. And her daughter Amy is worried about her new friend, Daisy Proctor. Daisy is terrified--convinced that someone is trying to eliminate her mother from getting a share of The Birches. To protect her children, Faith has to find a possible murderer--before he strikes too close to her own home.

My Thoughts:

In this ook we are following Sophie who is sent up to the birches a property owned by her aunt who has passed away and Sophie's mother's wants Sophie there to protect her interest in the property at the birches there are no shortage of interesting characters who all seem to have something to gain with the property.

Faith Fairchild is in Maine for the summer and staying near the Birches she has her own things to deal with her mother in law is in the hospital her son Ben has gotten a new job.

Not long the housekeeper at the Birches winds up dead Faith has to figure out who the murderer is before it's too late.  This book was great full of small town characters and adventure when looking into a murder.

I really enjoyed this and can't wait to read some of her other books to see what they are like.  I think any cozy mystery buff will love this story as I did!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: A Far Gone Night by: John Carenen

Title: A Far Gone Night
Author: John Carenen
Publisher: Neverland Publishing
Series: Thomas O'Shea Mystery #2
Pages: 299
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour


Suffering from insomnia, wise-cracking tough guy Thomas O'Shea goes for a late-night stroll through the peaceful streets of Rockbluff, Iowa, and finds himself pausing downtown on the bridge that spans the Whitetail River. When he glances downstream, something catches his eye…something that looks like a body. He scrambles down to the riverbank, pulling the body of a young girl from the water. The girl is naked, with two bullet holes in the back of her head. Ever suspicious of law enforcement, O’Shea chooses not to mention the bullet holes when Deputy Stephen Doltch, on routine patrol, discovers him at the river's edge.

When the coroner's report lists the cause of death as "drowning," Thomas confronts the coroner, but his questions are met with hostility. Then the coroner and his wife disappear, along with the body of the dead girl.

Teaming up with his friend Lunatic Mooning and Clancy Dominguez, an old buddy from his Navy SEAL days, Thomas and the other two men join together to bring justice to the dead girl, a quest that takes them to the Chalaka Reservation in Minnesota, seedy businesses adjacent to the Chalaka Casino, and straight into the world of organized crime.

A fast-paced story, laugh-out-loud moments and familiar, quirky characters from Carenen's debut novel, Signs of Struggle, continue to enliven the complex world of Thomas O'Shea. Once again, Thomas gears up to find answers that will reveal who put the bullets in the girl's head, why she was killed, and her identity, which may hit a little too close to home.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Thomas O'Shea as he stumbles across a naked body in the river after dragging her to safety he waits for the police to arrive and notices somethings about the dead girl, she has bullet holes in her head, and no one seems to know who she is?  Who is the dead girl and why was she killed and dumped in a river?

Then there is the reporter/writer who is sniffing around this murder and trying to get Tom to work with her.  Tom wants nothing more than to tell this girl to take a hike,  after his attention in a previous homicide.  Will this reporter Suzanne Highsmith ever leave him alone?

This was a great cozy that takes you into Indian reservations and casinos and a whole slew of areas and had you wondering who killed the girl and what happened to the corner and his wife?

Title: Coffee is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Coffee is Murder
Author; Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Series: McKinley Mysteries Book 9
Pages: 155
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


You might want to rethink your morning routine.
A cup a day won’t kill you, but a few might.

Their first case as private investigators have Sean, Sara, and Jimmy neck-deep in coffee beans trying to find a killer. With their client certain that her mother was poisoned through her coffee of the month club, it has them setting out to Williamsburg, Virginia. But instead of approaching matters from the traditional standpoint, Sean and Sara brew a robust plot and stir Jimmy into the blend, all to get close to their top suspect and grind out the truth.

Going undercover at Tasty Beans, the coffee company, the three of them work to expose the culprit before anyone else dies.

My Thoughts:

In this book Sara, Sean and Jimmy are working on a case of a woman whose mother has recently died and she has trouble believing anything other than murder caused it.  She hires the McKinley's to look into what happened to her mother and who would want to kill her?

This book brought back the couple team of Sean and Sara and their team of private investigators to find out who poisoned the coffee of their client's mother.  Which brings them to Virginia in search of a explanation to the recent death, what they find is more than they bargained for.  This book was full of adventure and mystery that readers have come to find with this series!  Can't wait to see what is next for the McKinley's.

Book Spotlight: The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery by: Herbie J. Pilato

“This book is MUCH more than a piece of mere memorabilia-entertainment…although it’s a completely engaging and highly entertaining read!   In her generation, there were few women on TV who could compete with the lasting appeal of Liz Montgomery, and this epic book–filled with insider info and stuffed with great photos–certainly makes the case for her enduring legacy.  Pilato’s book deserves to be on the shelf of both serious students of TV history and casual fans with a thirst for knowing all there is to know about the Bewitched star…A great read and an historical reference.”

R.L McCullough, Where Hollywood Hides

“…a definitive source…rare and factual insight into what makes an actor, a hit show, and much more…Pilato is a virtual professor of popular culture…essential reading.” 

— Ed Spielman, creator of the Emmy Award-winning ABC-TV series Kung Fu

“Pilato has served up a gourmet reader's feast with new, never-before-published material as well as culled from his massive buffet of previous books. Exhaustively detailed and annotated with a plethora of film and TV appearances, this book is an ‘essential’ for classic TV fans and the millions who will forever be bewitched by Elizabeth Montgomery.”

— Greg Ehrbar, writer and producer

“Herbie J Pilato has spent a lifetime researching and writing on media, as his backlist readily attests. Now, on the heels of his brilliant Twitch Upon A Star, comes the ultimate resource for Montgomery fans. The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery is a must-have for lovers of classic TV.”

— Matthew Worley, journalist, syndicated broadcaster, host, By the Book radio show

“Herbie J Pilato has created a loving, extensive, and incisive portrait of an actress who deserves the attention…An important addition to any pop culture collection.”

— Lou Aronica, New York Times bestselling author

“Herbie rides again! Mr. Pilato always does his homework, and this is proof of it. The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery is a wonderfully concise guide and narrative of one of television’s leading ladies. Although Elizabeth is missed, this book does have the magical ability to bring her wonderful energy and charm back to the reader.”
— Eric Scott, actor, The Waltons, and Bewitched guest star

“Herbie J Pilato’s thoroughly researched The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery told me all about the young woman I fawned over back in the day, and, while I was smitten with her as a young man, I came away from Herbie’s effort with even more affection and respect for this green-eyed beauty.”

— Paul Petersen, president and founder of A Minor Consideration; actor, author, and advocate

“Herbie J Pilato truly honors the amazing life and career of Elizabeth Montgomery. With a passionate and comprehensive chronology, Pilato weaves the story of how both her life and career overlapped and demonstrates how her very essence aligned with each character she portrayed…An enlightening history of an enchanted human being that will surely make any of her fans smile.”

— Sandy Pedeflous, creator, Smile TV

“Thank you, Herbie J—for bringing back the magic with yet another wonderful depiction of Elizabeth’s life story; by helping us discover her real character, and by bringing her back into our hearts and homes through this thoughtful, lovely book.”

— Névine Salvadé, author

“Herbie J Pilato's The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery completes the journey of transforming a Hollywood icon into a close personal friend. . . . [This book is] skillfully and personally crafted; a joy to read…A perfect companion for fans of Ms. Montgomery or Hollywood. Cheers to another great read by Mr. Pilato.”

— David E. Garamella, The Giving Collaborative

“Herbie J Pilato has managed to create the definitive career biography of the legendary Elizabeth Montgomery. I am impressed with the depth of research that went into this amazing reference work, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Pilato was able to unearth her smaller roles in some of television’s early masterpieces.” 

— Karen L. Herman, vice president and director, Archive of American Television (

“Absolutely gorgeous and well written.”

— Dan Weaver, writer/director/producer (Entertainment Tonight)

[A] beautiful book . . . artfully done . . . with treasures inside.

— Dorothy Clark, producer/creator, Caribbean Radio NDE show

We heartily recommend this volume, especially if you’re a classic TV aficionado.


‘Essential’ is the word of the day with this book, and Pilato continues to bring his trademark warmth of the actress along with his boundless knowledge of her work. The perfect Halloween book for those wanting a crash course in all things Montgomery. . . .

— Journeys in Classic Film


Herbie J Pilato
Television, Ink.
(310) 480-0067

Spotlight: The Classic TV Preservation Society

The Classic TV Preservation Society
“We celebrate the integrity of classic television”
Board of Directors:
Kathy Garver (Family Affair), Lydia Cornell (Too Close For Comfort), Vince Staskel (disabled actors advocate),
world peace advocate and performance artist Thomas Warfield, among others.

Our Mission:  POSSIBLE – and Happening! 

The purpose of The Classic TV Preservation Society is to educate individuals, community, arts/media, business and academic organizations and institutions on the social significance and positive influence of classic television programming, with specific regard to family values, diversity in the work place, and mutual respect for all people of every cultural background and heritage, race and creed. 

Classic TV & Self-Esteem Seminars 

By setting and surpassing higher standards, we continue to build a smarter, faster, more efficient nonprofit organization that caters our culture with care.  We treat individuals, families and all organizations with respect - and value the diverse perspective that each brings to the world.  With our unique Classic TV & Self-Esteem Seminars that we bring to schools, colleges, community, senior and business facilities around the country, we help to close the gap between popular culture and education.  We anticipate the challenges of the modern media age, and continue to develop new and innovative ways to inspire positive family values for every generation.

CONTACT:  Herbie J Pilato   *   Executive Director   *   The Classic TV Preservation Society
(310) 480-0067   *

Book Spotlight: Twitch Upon A Star by: Herbie J. Pilato

The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery

(Taylor Trade Publishing, Paperback, Fall 2014)
(Taylor Trade Publishing, Original Hardcover, 2012)

By Herbie J Pilato


Top-Selling Book celebrates Bewitched star’s memory!

Elizabeth Montgomery’s Samantha named Classic TV’s NUMBER ONE Hottest Housewife
[see link below ]

TWITCH UPON A STAR is the first major biography on the legendary actress…
…one of Edwards Picks at…a top-tier seller at…one of Huffington Post’s Top Books of 2012…Emmy Magazine  excerpt in April 2013!

“…all about Bewitched, the magical 1960s-and-1970s sitcom,
and other triumphs enjoyed by the talented and beautiful Montgomery.”

  • The Village Voice

“…blockbuster book!”

  • The National Enquirer

“Pilato expertly captures the life of this wonderful actress who
died in 1995 from colon cancer.”

  • The Daytona News Journal
(which in December rated TWITCH UPON A STAR as No. 4 on its Top 10 list of holiday picks)


Her Politics  

  • Elizabeth was a liberal Democrat who had major father issues with her dad conservative Republican Robert Montgomery. 
  • She protested against the Vietnam War.  
  • She despised President Reagan (who was friends with her father). 
  • She narrated the controversial Cover Up/Panama Deception feature film documentaries (that dealt with the Iran/Contra Affair). 
  • Her Bewitched co-star David White (Larry Tate) lost his son in the Pan Am incident over Lockerbie and that infuriated her (at one point, she and David were interviewed together for the book).  
Her Charitable Work

  • Elizabeth reached out to those with AIDS (one of the first celebrities to do so)

  • She supported the Peace Movement

  • She supported the disabled community (recorded books for the visually-impaired; and more)

Her Cult-Classic Feature Films

  • The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955, with Gary Cooper)

  • Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed? (1963, with Dean Martin and Carol Burnett)

  • Johnny Cool (1963, directed by future husband and Bewitched producer William Asher)

Her Ground-Breaking TV-Movies

  • A Case of Rape (1974)

  • The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975)

  • The Awakening Land (1977)
Her Battles with Bewitched Co-Stars

  • She didn’t get along with Agnes Moorehead, who played her mother Endora, who was not pleased when Dick Sargent replaced Dick York as Darrin.

  • Dick York (the first Darrin) was in love with Elizabeth, which caused her a great deal of stress.

  • She got along better with Dick Sargent (who just so happened to be gay)

Her Alleged Romantic Liaisons

  • With Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Gary Cooper, and Bewitched producer/director Richard Michaels (which lead to her divorce from Bewitched producer/director William Asher, who was Michaels’ mentor).
  • Her four marriages:      In addition to Bill Asher, she was married to New York high-roller Fred Cammann, alcoholic actor Gig Young (more than twenty years her senior; who later died in double murder/suicide); and Robert Foxworth, who she met on the set of Mrs. Sundance (in 1974) and after twenty years of living together, finally married – only 18 months before she died (in 1995).
Her Issues with I Dream of Jeannie  

  • Although Elizabeth never had anything personal against I Dream of Jeannie stars Barbara Eden or Larry Hagman (who just passed away), she was not at all pleased when their show hit the air on NBC one year after Bewitched debuted on ABC.  
  • Both shows were about beautiful magical blond women who fell in love with mortal men.  Sol Saks, the creator of Bewitched, was originally approached about doing another witch show for NBC.  But when he turned them down, the network went to Sidney Sheldon, and he created I Dream of Jeannie.  
  • Sheldon and Bewitched producer/director William Asher (then married to Montgomery) were friends who had worked together years before on The Patty Duke Show.  
  • Asher wasn’t concerned with Sheldon’s Jeannie, plans, even if they included cloning Samantha’s witch nose-twitch in the form of Jeannie’s eye blink to manifest the genie magic.  
  • But it all bothered Montgomery…especially when I Dream of Jeannie started producing similar scripts to Bewitched, and when Jeannie’s dark-haired twin-sister Jeannie II character was created in near mimic to Samantha’s raven-haired twin cousin Serena on Bewitched.  Then Elizabeth hit the roof!  

TWITCH UPON A STAR also includes never-before-published commentary about Montgomery from other TV icons like: Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch), June Lockhart (Lost in Space), Lydia Cornell (Too Close For Comfort), Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Eric Scott (The Waltons), as well Montgomery’s childhood best friend Sally Kemp, the Oscar-winning actor Cliff Robertson (in his final interview!), aactor Ronny Cox (her co-star from A Case of Rape, one of her historic, ground-breaking TV-movies), and many others.  

With an expansive perspective on her free spirit, intelligence and wit; her strong sense of politics, family, work ethic and general life priorities, Herbie J Pilato’s TWITCH UPON A STAR: THE BEWITCHED LIFE AND CAREER OF ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY offers a compelling chronicle of a legendary, charitable and very complex actress.  Or as Shannen Devereau Sanford, of New York’s WTBQ Radio said it, “Wonderful book…terrific author . . .”

Chapter 1 from TWITCH UPON A STAR

One-hour radio interview with author Herbie J Pilato


"Heavily researched, expertly executed, and handled with reverence, Twitch Upon A Star
 is a magical revelation about one of the most popular and endearing performers of 
all time. It's clear that Herbie J Pilato not only knows what he's talking about, but that
he also cares very deeply about his subject, from a personal, yet objective perspective...
No two ways about it, this book is a class act about a classic actress."

  • Danny Gold, Film and Television Producer

"I encourage everyone to read Pilato's astounding, loving, riveting, eye-opening book."

  • Lydia Cornell, star of classic TV's Too Close For Comfort, comedienne, and women and children's advocate

“The way Herbie J Pilato tells it, Elizabeth Montgomery just didn't have guts, she had 
balls. She was kind to those she felt deserved it but had no qualms about setting others straight. 
Who'd'a thunk that sweet little Samantha had such chutzpah?"

  • Larry Brody, veteran TV writer and producer (Baretta, Diagnosis: Murder, The Fall Guy, and more)

"Not only has Bewitched's Samantha Stephens influenced hundreds of female TV characters and the actresses who portrayed them, but Elizabeth Montgomery's lasting influence on Hollywood and society has been far greater than the TV series that made her a legend. Herbie J Pilato, one of the great students of classic TV, spins a compelling narrative that brings to 
life a magical TV series and it’s even more magical star. It's a true Hollywood story, 
and more than any book I've read Twitch Upon a Star goes behind-the-scenes to capture a fascinating period in history when television was coming of age."

  • Jack Myers, Media Ecologist, Author and Producer

"Intricately revealing, well written and hard to put down, Herbie J Pilato's Twitch Upon a Star captures the essence and life of Elizabeth Montgomery. He leads readers on an intriguing journey into the loves, politics and performances of this multi-talented actor - a very magical journey, yet based in the real emotion of love. I heartily recommend this well rounded read for fans, friends and all who value the life of a gifted, complex and bewitching woman."

  • Kathy Garver, film, TV, and stage star (Cissy on the classic Family Affair TV series); author, The Family Affair Cookbook and Surviving Cissy; speaker.

"Much more than just a celebrity biography Twitch Upon A Star relays a spiritual quest that can speak to anyone. Retelling the story and work of a life can activate an awareness of the beauty and purpose in our own unfoldment. Pilato accomplishes this masterfully and magically, uncovering such depth and absorbing reflection with authenticity and vigorous charm to reveal Elizabeth Montgomery's journey as a true cultural treasure. This book is magnificent!"

  • Thomas Warfield, performing artist and founder of PeaceArt International

"Elizabeth Montgomery's life is beautifully portrayed by author Herbie J Pilato in [this] loving new biography."

  • FrontiersLA

"[A] comprehensive and touching biography of Montgomery's life. . . .Fans of classic television or of well-written biographies should seek this out . . . an insightful read about an amazing woman!"

  • Journeys in Classic Film

"Twitch Upon A Star is ASTOUNDING. Herbie J Pilato does a wonderful job of  mixing hard info with his personal relationship with Elizabeth Montgomery. His approach makes the book very unique. This is one of the best biographies I've read in years. It is a real classic . . . a brilliant work!"

  • Rick Lertzman, media historian and author of Codename: Dr. Feelgood

"Wonderful book and terrific author . . ."

  • Shannon Devereaux Sanford, Shannon's Corner, WTBQ radio

". . . Twitch Upon a Star is an engrossing look at a strong-willed actress whose career spanned five decades. It will satisfy Elizabeth Montgomery's fans, as well as Bewitched buffs interested in learning more about that series' leading lady-and even how the famous twitch was `invented.'"

  • Classic Film and TV Café

"Life's journey is never simple. Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery is a biography from Herbie J Pilato [in which] he tells the `Bewitched' star's story . . . forming friendships, romances, enemies, and everything in between. An advocate with her own problems, [Montgomery's] story is one of [an individual] who tried to make a difference with her stardom. Twitch Upon a Star is a strongly recommended addition to Hollywood and television history biography collections; highly recommended."

  • Midwest Book Review

". . . No matter how big your twitch-itch, this book will scratch it."

  • Ventura County Star

" . . . [I]t's like meeting [Elizabeth Montgomery] all over again for the very first time…. 
If you've ever enjoyed an episode of Bewitched, come meet her for yourself." 

  • BookSteve's Library Blog

"This biography covers it all . . . Fans will love the three sections of photos and Pilato's respectful, yet truthful, portrait of the woman who will forever be remembered for as the beautiful witch Samantha Stephens."

  • SheKnows Book Lounge

"Twitch Upon a Star is as perfect a book could be . . . [it] shines bright at a rating of 5 Stars 
(out of five). I read it twice. Afterwards I watched re-runs of Bewitched-knowing what I
learned from Twitch Upon a Star-and what stirred me most were the questions that came to mind which I feel Twitch Upon a Star answered. Twitch Upon a Star is as no other book... 
For me, a person who thinks he's read the best of the best books, [this] put a twinkle in my
eyes [from] Herbie J Pilato's mastery of the craft of writing." 

  • Salvador SeBasco, Christian book critic; host of The Inside View Show

"Twitch Upon a Star is based on Pilato's exclusive interviews prior to Montgomery's 1995 death. . . . The book follows her career before, during and after "Bewitched," and goes behind the scenes chronicling her political activism [and] reveals behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the show and Montgomery's life."

  • Long Beach Press-Telegram

"[Herbie J Pilato is] the master of all things Bewitched . . .[Twitch Upon a Star is an] amazing new book."  

  • NewNowNext on Logo Online

"For anyone who only recalls Elizabeth Montgomery from her most memorable role, on
the 1960s sitcom Bewitched, this thoroughly researched, extensively detailed, and wholly fascinating biography will load you up with everything you've been missing. It's a delicious, detailed look at her life and remarkable career before, during and after that magical, life-changing show; her crusading and often controversial activism for the causes close to her 
heart; her often turbulent relationship with her father, actor Robert Montgomery; her rocky marital history; and the many other facets of the woman who played Samantha Stephens,
TV's `witch with the twitch' at the end of her nose."

  • american Profile

"Fans of Elizabeth Montgomery and Bewitched will love this book."

  • Living in the Kitchen with Puppies

"Herbie J Pilato, a long-time fan and later friend of the actress uses his extensive interviews with the actress, plus meticulous research to get to the bottom of what the real Elizabeth Montgomery was like."

  • Soap World Magazine


Writer/producer HERBIE J PILATO is the author of several media tie-in books, including Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door and Retro Active Television (both to be published in the fall of 2014), and The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: A Guide to Her Magical Performances (Taylor Trade, 2013).   Pilato has worked for A&E, TLC, Bravo, Syfy, The TV Guide Network, Sony, Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal, and is the founder of The Classic TV Preservation Society (a nonprofit that seeks to close the gap between popular culture and education).

Article in The Daily Mail

“The Industrious Light and Magic of Herbie J Pilato”

“Who Is Herbie J Pilato?”

CONTACT Herbie J Pilato
Television, Ink.
(310) 480-0067