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Interview: Elliot Baker Author of The Sun God's Heir

Today I had the pleasure of Interviewing Elliot Baker author of The Sun God's Heir.  If you haven't had a chance to check out you really should!


When an ancient evil awakens, one young pacifist is all that stands between the world’s freedom and the red tide of slavery.

In 17th century France, a young pacifist kills to protect the woman he loves, unwittingly opening a door for the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian general determined to continue a reign of terror begun three thousand years ago.

Taking up the sword will not be enough. Rene must reclaim his own ancient past to stop the red tide of slavery from engulfing the world.

Joined by a powerful sheikh, his sword wielding daughter, and a family of Maranos escaping the Spanish Inquisition, they fight their way through pirates, typhoons, and dark assassins to reach Morocco, the home of an occult sect that has waited for Rene through the eons.

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What genre do you write?

The Sun God’s Heir is an historical adventure with strains of fantasy. Although, I’m sure there are many books that fall cleanly and clearly into one genre or another, genre can be restricting. The book is set in the late seventeenth century when the sword was still a primary weapon and women were thick in the fight for identity and power. There were real people making real mistakes. I tend to see everything with a little bit of magic, so it couldn’t be completely absent from any story I tell.

Can you tell us what brought you to writing your genre?

From the time I was introduced to story, I’ve been enthralled by “What happens next?.” Every moment is truly an adventure if we look out at our realities  from that question. The more excitement we can generate, negative or positive, the more meaning we tease from each moment. I’ve always found the stories of our past fascinating. It’s been said that reality is stranger than fiction, and truth be told, as a species, we have managed to get ourselves into some tight spots. I’ve always wanted to fly. By that, I mean personally. For me fantastical elements are always metaphors for the power of flight. I’ve also found that by grounding fantasy (fiction) within a framework of accurate history the real lends power to the imagined.

Who influences your writing?  Do you have favorite authors?

All of them. Everyone I’ve ever encountered has told me at least a snippet of their story. Of writers, I love Ursula LeGuinn, David Weber, Orson Scott Card, John Nelson, James Michener, Richard Bach, Ann McCaffrey… Talk about an endless road. Just thinking of the wonderful stories of these people has brought a smile to my face, and I am grateful for the question.

What type of books do you like to read?

Those that grant me the boon of transport. To be gifted with moments completely outside of my normal reality is fun. To come back to the room, the day, the book after having experienced the excitement, fear, pain, love and endless emotions of the story is one of the most gratifying things to experience. I know that your question was really what genres do I enjoy the most. In a shorter winded answer to that question, I love Historical Fantasy (big surprise there), science fiction, spy stories, especially where they travel the globe, and inspirational works, when they give me concepts that resonate with me.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I read, listen to music, research, and with my wife, Sally, enjoy living in New England.. We spend time with friends, exploring craft fairs (Sally makes huge mosaics), watch our children making their own stories, and in general do our best to move through this lifetime as gently as possible.

If you were stranded on an island only allowed to bring three things what would they be?

Well, although I love the sun and the ocean, by myself, my efforts would be directed toward either bringing others to my beautiful new island, or getting rescued. I’d cheat and bring a solar charged  sat phone, fishing gear and a lighter. If there was no fuel or water, I’m pretty screwed no matter what else I bring. Now, if I can do this with my wife, Sally, we’re talkin’ Treasure Island, and I’m already in that story.

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