Sunday, September 22, 2013

Editorial: Money exchange for Reviews Holy Moly!

I know this isn't a review like I usually do this is a complain post which I don't do usually.  Usually I review and do editorials about books this one is about people who spread rumors about great authors claiming they use money for reviews.  

Now I can speak for me and Simay (I hope) and say we don't accept money for reviews.  We get the books either from publishers, authors, book tours, purchases and we don't accept money for the reviews they are how we really feel.  I can't believe when people spread these childish rumors it's like they can't handle the fact that some people like authors books and love to write great reviews about them. 

 I don't know if it's cause they're books stink and no one likes them, if they are jealous of the popularity certain authors have.  Personally when I look for a book I will check goodreads and amazon or barnes and noble and see what the buzz about the books are.  Another thing that attracts me to a book is a synopsis of the book along with a picture you would be surprised how a great picture (cover) can really appeal to a reader.  I've always been this way.  

And if I don't like I try not to bash a book it may not be for me but it might be for someone else.  I try to stay some what positive even if it's to say someone else might enjoy this even though I had trouble. Now that is a rare thing that I find a book I don't like.  

As for these people who start these rumors all I can say is your life that boring that you have to rip apart someone else,  I see this all the time.  Usually it's authors ripping on reviewers because someone voiced their opinion on it.  Now it just seems to be a "normal event" like they pick an author to harass and god forbid you fight back then you become this huge target.  All I can say to them is don't throw stones in a glass house.  If you don't like it change your attitude or find something else to do.  Maybe read the books your are picking on and see what great adventures you are missing.  

As to the authors this happens I am like most people sorry you get targeted like this.  It's unfair and stinks and unfortunately reminds me of high school and the cool kids picking on other kids.  The best you can do is stay strong write what you love to write and let them pick on someone else eventually they will give up and target someone else.  I know it's cheesy but sometimes the best advice is the good ole ignore the whinny kid and they will bug someone else.  It just frosts me that people do this to other people.

The authors I deal with I love your books and would be sad without having them in my life.  Don't stop writing.  I know one author who gets "hate mail" turned around and used it in a story, I think the victim or someone died in a bad way, so they used it positively in a round about way.  So haters watch out you could be reading about your demise in a story and how would that feel??

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