Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Do YA books make your heart beat faster?

I have a love-hate relationship with YA genre because there's so much nonsense out there. That's the case for many genres, obviously, so I haven't given up on it. And I love when I stumble upon a great YA read! If you too enjoy YA fiction, then you're gonna love pulseit.

For a limited time you can read entire new releases, and most books are up on the site before their scheduled release dates. This means no more crying for not being able to get ARCs beforehand! (Especially for thos of you who are non-US book bloggers like me). There are also sneak previews and tons of extras. You can "like" the comments you fancy, and chat with the entire community.

Now I'm sure you're wondering what kind of format they use for books... I'm no expert, but it looks like the picture below, and it's very easy to read on the website.

I hope you guys find good reads on there, and happy reading!

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