Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swearing with Book Titles Oh My!

So I was looking through Amazon's kindle to see if anything good was available to download and for the second time I've come across a book with swears in the title.  I won't post the books here as C.B.S. is for anyone and I don't want to lower it by using distasteful words, but my question is are we in the era that the only way to put out a book is with a swear in the title?  I can tell you this it definitely puts me off from buying it.  While I am tolerable to a degree with four letter words in my books, in a title is another thing.  I mean I could just see a friend coming over and saying what is with that book???  As with anyone who owns books your friends end up seeing them when they come over and I couldn't see trying to explain that to anyone.  Talk about foot in the mouth.  I think these publisher's and editors really need to put the kabash on these titles.  Can swears really sell?  Maybe I'm just old fashioned all though my friends and family usually say otherwise go figure.  What are your thoughts on this theory?

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