Friday, August 13, 2010

HON Series~Betrayed by: P.C Cast & Kristin Cast

This book takes off where Marked left off. Having Zoey showed the true colors of Aphrodite, and getting her de-throned. Zoey is now the head of the Dark Daughters and Sons, as well as a high priestess in training. Of course Zoey didn't desire to be head of the Dark Daughters and Sons so she is feeling some guilt about taking that away from Aphrodite. Her boyfriend Erik is doing a monologue for a good part of the book and is absent from the House of Night, so she ends up meeting Loren Blake who is a part time professor, and he seems very interested in the young fledgling. Zoey finds herself keeping up with three different men, Loren, Erik and of course Heath, her human boyfriend/ex-boyfriend. One of the main characters doesn't adapt to the change well and Zoey spends much time feeling horrible over it and like her life can't continue. Her friends try to cheer her up, even though that seems impossible. And Zoey starts to question her mentors true intentions.

I really enjoy this series as it's refreshing to have a main character who deals with hurt and pain, to know that not everything is fun and games. Really gives a depth to her. Although I wish at least on the man front that she would pick on or at least if she is having so many issues to dump them all and go back to scratch. I rate this book 4 cups as it has some slow parts and then picks up when you find yourself at the end of the story.

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