Friday, March 12, 2010

Review The Sun and The Moon by: Brian D. McClure

 Title: The Sun and The Moon
Author: Brian D. McClure
Publisher: Universal Flag Publishing
Pages: 36
Format: Hardcover
Source: The Cadence Group


Though the uplifting rhymes and profound messages of acceptance, respect and understanding, author Brian D. McClure educates and entertains children, parents and grandparents in the story of The Sun and the Moon whom one day walk out on their responsibilities as they argue like humans. This action causes unseen harm to the Earth and all inhabitants. Eventually the Sun and the Moon remember some deep hidden truths that allow them to once again share their gifts. This entertaining story reveals the unseen effects of fear and anger on others. It encourages children and adults to take a closer look at their behavior in each new day. The Sun and the Moon like the other seven books in The Brian D. McClure Children's book series offer universal life lessons that empower, teach and educate the whole family.

My Thoughts:

This was a cute book about how anger and harsh words can impact everyone even the sun and the moon. It also showed that when people fight they have a global affect. Things are impacted whenever two people fight and that is never more true then when the sun and moon fight and the sun quits. With this happening the earth gets impacted as do the people on Earth which creates an ice age. The pictures in this book are beautiful and breathtaking. I would definitely recommend this story for grade school aged children as there are hard words, Parents of preschoolers could read this to them but I found with my four year old daughter that it would have to be done in parts as she looses patience and wants to do other things. But it is a great story. Worth the purchase.

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